The GFB Coconut Cshw Crunch Gluten Free (6x4Oz)

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Enjoy The GFB Coconut Cshw Crunch Gluten Free (6x4Oz). Were a couple of gluten intolerant brothers and we found that the typical gluten-free snacks out there were either healthy and natural (but were not enjoyable to eat), or were tasty but made from questionable ingredients. We thought there was a real need to share a delicious snack made with straightforward, recognizable ingredients. Our products are developed by our in-house pastry chef and also made in our very own certified gluten-free facility. We focus not only on creating something that you look forward to eating, but also something that is good for you. With plenty of plant-based protein to give you energy at any point in the day, The Gluten Free Bites is also certified vegan and kosher is 100% non-GMO, and soy and dairy-free. It's the perfect healthy snack for almost any diet. The Gluten Free Bites is a combination of many things all in one snack: amazing taste, wholesome nutrition, easy-to-understand ingredients and made in small batches. The hundreds of positive reviews weve received over the years speak for themselves. The Gluten Free Bites come in the following flavors: chocolate cherry almond, dark chocolate coconut and coconut cashew crunch. Note: description is informational only. Please refer to ingredients on the product before use. Please address any health or dietary questions to your health professional before using this item.
Pack Size: 6/4 OZ