Tru`Roots Red Quinoa (6x12OZ )

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TruRoots introduces an exciting ensemble of exceptional grains-Organic Quinoa, Germinated Brown Rice, Germinated Red Rice, and Quick-Cooking Wild Rice. TruRoots Sprouted Rice and Quinoa Blend is a powerhouse of protein, minerals, fiber, and GABA. Sprouting rice awakes enzymes that activate brain-boosting and health benefits. Quinoa, the superfood of the Incas, packs all the essential amino acids. This colorful collection combines ancient wisdom with a healthy quick way to enjoy your favorite rice dishes- cooks in only 25 minutes. Full of nutty flavor and dynamic texture, TruRoots Sprouted Rice and Quinoa Blend is an easy way to add healthy adventure to your meals.
Pack Size: 6/12 OZ