Kinnikinnick Foods Grah Style Creme GF (6x10.5OZ )

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Kinnikinnick Foods ( today introduces gluten, dairy and nut-free Graham Style Crumbs perfectly suited for at-home cooks following a special diet or anyone seeking a healthier yet equally delicious baking option. Ideal for making pie crust and cheesecake (or as an ice cream topping) Kinnikinnick's new Graham Style Crumbs represent the latest in a long line of company products enabling people on a restricted diet to make and enjoy their favorite baked goods, dessert, and snack foods without sacrificing great taste in the process.n addition, Kinnikinnick's new Graham Style Crumbs - like all Kinnikinnick products - offer another hugely important benefit to consumers: safety from cross-contamination. Not only does Kinnikinnick go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the purity and quality of all its products, but the company operates the largest dedicated gluten-free and nut-free bakery in North America. Made from natural ingredients such as brown rice flour, brown sugar, and sweet rice flour, Kinnikinnick's new Graham Style Crumbs are sold in 10.5 ounce packages featuring prominent new Dairy-Free and Nut-Free logos.
Pack Size: 6/10.5 OZ