Forces of Nature Skin Tag Control Certified Organic Extra Strength 11 ml

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Safe and Quick Skin Tag Removal at HomeSkin Tag Control is a safe, effective treatment for skin tag removal without pain, scarring or harsh chemicals. It completely removes skin tags and replaces them with clean, healthy skin. In just weeks, you will see them drying up and flaking away.
  • Destroys skin tags from the inside
  • Perfect for all types of skin tags
  • Certified Organic and gentle on the skin
  • Helps rejuvenate damaged skin and promote healing* Disclaimer: Forces of Nature's products are registered homeopathic medicines with the FDA. The information and statements on this website are designed for educational purposes and have not been assessed by the FDA. This information is not intended to replace medical advice. Use products as instructed, seek appropriate medical attention if your condition persists.
    Gluten Free: Gluten Free
    Pack Size: 11 ML