Olympian Labs Corti Cut 60 Capsules

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Feeling like your weight gain is due to stress-related eating? Looking for a natural solution to help you gain control? 80% of adults have admitted to stress eating in effort to cope. Stress causes elevated cortisol levels which can have a negative impact on our overall health, eating patterns, and weight.Olympian Labs specialized Corti-Cut formulation contains key nutrients to help with stress such as: Rhodiola Rosea, Green Tea Extract, Phosphatidylserine, essential fatty acids, L-Thiamine and more. While these help stabilize stress hormones, they also support the body with improved thinking ability, mental alertness, and weight management. This, in turn, will help decrease your appetite.Magnolia Extract is also a part of the Olympian Labs Corti-Cut formula giving you the added digestive system support and additional help lessening anxiety and stress.Corti-Cut is a weight management product that can help you regain control.Olympian Labs Corti-Cut Benefits Include: Supports Decreased Appetite and Cravings Aids the Body Through Stressful Periods Helps Manage Cortisol LevelsCorti-Cut can be used with Olympian Labs UltraLean3 for additional weight loss support.Note: Healthy calorie reduction, diet, and exercise regimen are essential for weight loss. The amount of weight loss varies by individual and is related to your diet, exercise, daily activities, age, and body frame.
Pack Size: 60 CAP